Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Can you close the bag after picking up the waste?

If you are far from a trashcan you can fold the bag inward into the frame as shown in the picture below.


This is much easier and more sanitary than trying to tie a knot on a regular poop-filled plastic bag. You can then easily carry the in-folded bag as shown in the next pictures.


Move your mouse over the picture to see how it is done.

Description: Hover to see the in-folding in action

Description: C:\lib\yhst-89294536256847\folded-in-walk-front.jpg     Description: C:\lib\yhst-89294536256847\folded-in-walk.jpg


Q. Can you pick up more than one poop with one bag?

Yes. Depending on the size of your dog you can pick up more than one poop with one bag. For example with a 20 pound pug you can pick as many as 6 or more poops with one bag

Q. Are the bags biodegradable?

Yes. Our bags are made of biodegradable plastic and the metal portion of the frame will rust away in the landfill.

Q. Can I use grocery bags with ScooperGenie?

No. ScooperGenie is designed for best hygiene practices and ease of use. This requires a preassembled disposable metal frame and plastic bag.

Q. Can I reuse a bag?

The bags are made for one time use, but you may pick more than one poop in one session.

Q. Are there any coupons or discounts I can apply to my order?

We have a special discount for CCI members on regularly priced items. Please contact the Canine Companions for Independence for the coupon code. However, any order greater than $50 qualifies for free shipping.

Q. Can ScooperGenie pick up stepped-on poop in my lawn?

Yes. Please click on this youTube link to see how.

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