Lapsaky garments are sized with two considerations: fabric shrinkage and growing room. Organic cottons are minimally processed (even when low impact dyed), so shrinkage is higher than what you might expect.

When you receive your clothing, you might at first think it is too big and decide to return for a smaller size. We encourage you to trust our research; wash and dry garments and try on your child again-we are certain you will decide they are sized just right, with the additional allowance for growth within a size.

Sizing is generous to allow baby/child to wear garment at least thru end of size range. For example, if your baby is of average HEIGHT, he/she will fit in the 3-6 month size until 6 months old, or a little longer (the same idea applies to kids sizes). Don't buy a 3-6 month size for a newborn, or a 3T for a 2 year old, it will be really big (unless your child is above average for height or weight).

You are welcome to contact us if you need help in deciding what size to buy.

Garments with straps have 3 snaps on each strap, which give another 2 inches of growth per size (which is essentially the same as 2 sizes in one).  This is also true for our bodysuits, which are made with an extension and extra row of snaps-2 sizes in one!

Infant Sizes
Size Height Weight
0-3 mos. 18-22 in. 6-10 lbs.
3-6 mos. 23-25 in. 10-15 lbs.
6-12 mos. 26-28 in. 15-20 lbs.
12-18 mos. 29-31 in. 20-22 lbs.
18-24 mos. 32-34 in. 22-26 lbs.

Toddler Sizes
Size Height Weight
2T 34-37 in. 24-26 lbs.
3T 37-40 in. 26-30 lbs.
4T 40-42 in. 30-34 lbs.
5T 42-44 in. 34-39 lbs.
6T 44-47 in. 39-44 lbs.
6X 47-50 in. 44-50 lbs.
8 50-52 in. 50-54 lbs.