20 min install




  1. Be sure that engine is turned off & area is clear of debris.  When engine is cool, remove radiator cap.

  2. Remove hood bumpers.

  3. Pre-fit grill cover marking the ends where it meets the fenders, overflow hose at  the radiator cap, and the radiator  hose.


4.  Using Utility knife or Snips cut out the previously marked areas.

 If you are using a utility knife lightly score and then LIGHTLY cut into the plastic repetitively until you have cut all the way through. (use straight edge on fenders sides) Be sure to use proper safety precautions when using any tools.

note:  cutting into the plastic with too much pressure may cause your the knife to slip and cause you harm or cause cuts in the plastic that were not intended



5.  Sand all cut edges with 80-100 grit sand paper if necessary.


6.  Now that your Grill Mask fits correctly it is time to mark the holes for the hood bumpers. 

    a.  The easiest way of doing this is by placing the Grille mask on your car and using tape to mark the edge of the radiator  section


    b. Next remove the grille mask.  Fold an 8.5x11in paper in half, line up the top part of the paper to the bottom of the tap making sure the paper lays straight out. Using a pencil poke a hole in the paper where the hole for the hood bumpers are located.


Repeat 6,a,b, for other side.


7.  Align the paper on the grille mask making sure the paper lines up with edge as shown

mark the holes using pencil or marker

then drill holes with 3/8" drill bit.


8.  Fit again to make sure holes are aligned.  We supply washers that will cover the holes so don't worry about the visibility of the hole or if you have make a small adjustment.


9.  Now we will need to thoroughly clean the areas where the adhesive strips or going to attach to your car.  Clean w/ degreaser then alcohol. Make sure to clean radiator support bar, top of grille, and headlight bucket ends.



10.  Once completely clean pull back the film on the adhesive tape lightly place the mask on starting from the radiator side making sure it is correctly in place.  Once in place Apply pressure on all sections where adhesive tape is used, radiator support, grille, headlight bucket ends.



11.  Final step is to screw in your hood bumpers and adjust them accordingly.


Reattach the radiator cap and your are finished.  Clean off and admire.