Our Product Testers


 B is a kitty that was rescued from
the pound.She is about
10 years old and lives in Napa.

 Bandit is a Long Coat Chihuahua
He is about 13 years old and lives
in Napa

Bella is another one of our
rescue kitties.  She is a Persian
and lives in Napa.


Her favorite product is the
Bowser Cat Loft

Bandit's fav is his PetZip Stroller.

Her favorite is her Cozy Princess Bed.
Because afterall - she is a princess.

Taylor is a 14 year old Silky Terrier.She lives in Soldotna, Alaska.

Presley is an 11 year old Silky.   He lives in Napa.

Naughty is 2 and lives in Soldotna, Alaska.  She is a long-coat chihuahua.


Taylor loves her Bowser double donut


He likes any stuffed toy he can carry around and his Gold Paw Cozy Coat


Naughty truly lives up to her name.  She likes her hide-a-squirrels and anything with a squeak.  She also likes her Doggie Design Coat

Jack is a 6 year old rescue.  He is Sheltie/Min Pin.  He lives in Napa Penny is 11 and lives in Napa.  She is a smooth Chihuahua GoGo is 4 and lives in Napa.  She is a long-coat Chihuahua.
He likes his Lupine collars and leads

She likes her Pet Flys Carriers and her Animal Wrappers weatherblock coat

She loves her ISeeSpot dresses





Andy is a rescue kitty.  He lives in Napa. Tiki is a Brittany.  She is 7 and lives in Napa.

Franklin is a Smooth Chihuahua.  He is about three and lives in Napa


He likes Fat Berd catnip toys. She likes her Doggles Backpack

His favorites are his Nina Ottosson Toys and his
Tiger Dreamz Trundle