EntirelyPets Pharmacy Auto Reship & Save

Discount Applied after Checkout
You start saving right away! The Auto Reship discount (5%) will be applied to your first order AND all of your future auto-reship orders. When placing an auto-reship order, the auto ship discount (5%) will only be reflected in your order confirmation email and not in your shopping cart. Your order will only be charged the discounted amount in your order confirmation email.

Choose the Delivery Schedule That Fits Your Needs
Subscription orders are available in one-month, two-month, three-month, four-month, six-month and yearly intervals. You select the frequency with which you want to receive new orders, and we'll send out the shipments on that schedule automatically. You can change your subscription schedule over the phone at any time.

Save with Our Auto Reship Program
All Auto Reship & Save orders come with a discount on top of the everyday low price of the item--whether it's your first shipment or a subscription you've had for years. If we change an Auto Reship & Save discount, we'll automatically apply the new discount to your active subscription.

Pay as You Go
You'll be charged for each order only when the item is shipped. Pay only for orders that have shipped. (A credit card is required for Auto Reship & Save orders.)

Get E-mail Reminders
Before we send the next order, we'll send you an e-mail letting you know that the process has begun.

Update Your Subscription Options at Your Convenience
Update your subscription by simply calling our customer service hotline 24 hours in advance at 800-738-7209. You may make any changes to your account including; quantity and/or frequency of your subscription, as well as the billing address, shipping address, or credit card. Changes will take place immediately and will be applied to all unshipped orders associated with your subscription.

Cancel at Any Time
There are no commitments. Cancel your subscription anytime, online, 24 hours a day, by calling our customer service hotline at 800-738-7209.