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All prescriptions are filled by EntirelyPets Pharmacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a prescription from my Vet?
We need a signed prescription from your vet on all products marked as prescriptions. Most vets are happy to do this providing there is no medical reason not to. Prescription labels are not acceptable. As an alternative, we can also call your Vet to OK the prescription. To use this option (see #4 below).

How do I send you the prescription?
  1. First place your order online or over the phone. Simply fill in the your pet's name and contact information for your Vet in the 'Vet Info' section of the checkout.

  2. We will call your veterinarian directly to confirm the prescription, once confirmed we ship your order right away.

    If you have a copy of the prescription, mail us a copy of the prescription. Be sure to put the order number on the prescription.
How do I get refills on a prescription I've ordered previously?
Ordering refills with us made easy! If there were refills listed on your prescription, we will keep the prescription on file. To orders a remaining prescription, simply place a new order and choose "Prescription refill is on file" in the Vet Info section of the order form.

If you have no refills remaining, please place a new order and we will contact your Vet to OK the prescription by providing your pet's name and your veterinary hospital's contat information.

Are these the same products that I get from my vet?
Yes, these are the same exact products. We have veterinarians on staff to guide us through product selection. All of our products are FDA/EPA approved, unlike some other sources on the internet and even local pet stores.

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