Where can I buy Bennett Trim Tabs and accessories?

Bennett Trim Tabs and accessories are available at just about all marine retail dealers.  Local, national chain stores and mail order catalog marine equipment dealers will be happy to assist you in purchasing Bennett Marine products.

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What are the right trim tabs for my boat?

Many factors affect the choice of trim tabs for your boat.

Keep in mind that performance boats (40 - 60 MPH) should use Sport Tabs.  Bass, Flats, and other small boats with limited transom space should consider Tournament Tabs.

Also when making a choice between trim tab sizes remember that the largest trim tabs that will comfortably fit on the transom will be the most efficient.  

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Can I install Bennett Trim Tabs myself?

Absolutely!  While some boat owner's may wish to have a dealer or boatyard install their trim tabs, many are installed by boat owners.   Clear, simple, step by step instructions make installing Bennett Trim Tabs a project well within most boater's skill levels. 

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What kind of warranty do Bennett products carry?

Bennett Trim Tab systems carry a 5 year limited warranty, Bennett electronics (Trimdicator, Auto Tab Control, Auto Tab Retractor) carry a 3 year limited warranty.   Note: Damage to the trim tabs due to electrolysis is not covered by warranty. 

We take great pride in providing the best customer service possible*.  A call to Bennett Marine regarding warranty or trouble shooting will result in your satisfaction.

Ask your boating friends or dealer about our reputation, we are confident that there is none better!

* If you have a component in need of warranty replacement simply return it with a note of instruction to: Bennett Marine, 550 Jim Moran Blvd., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

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I can't get access to the inside of the transom to connect the hydraulic fittings, what do I do?

One of the unique features of the Bennett Trim Tab system is the use of concealed through-transom hydraulics.  However, there are cases of complete inaccessibility inside the transom making the use of the standard Bennett actuator difficult.  For such instances, the Bennett actuator is available with an external line connection.  This avoids the inaccessibility problem by allowing the hydraulics to enter the transom at a location where there is no obstruction. If you need external line actuators contact Bennett Marine to arrange a no-charge trade for your standard actuators. 

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My transom has a swim platform or other feature that limits the height where the actuators can mount on the transom, now what?

There is a shorter actuator available. The "small" actuator is 2" shorter than the standard actuator and therefore mounts lower on the transom.   If you need "small" actuators for your installation contact Bennett Marine to arrange a no charge trade for your standard actuators.

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What type of fluid do I use in the hydraulic power unit, and where do I add it?

Use any type of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).   Don't worry about the exact brand or type, it will all work, and can even be mixed.  To add fluid, remove the lexan cover on the HPU, locate the "filler stack" in the left front corner of the reservoir.  There is a round plug sealing the filler stack.  Remove the plug and add fluid to the full line on the reservoir.  Note: add fluid only with the trim tabs fully retracted (up).  If your reservoir does not have a full line, add fluid so the fluid level is aprox. 1" below the top of the reservoir with the Trim Tabs fully retracted (up). Your Bennett Trim Tab system should not need refilling, for several seasons.

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What size fuse does my trim tab system use?

On a 12 volt system use a 20 amp in-line fuse on the power lead to the helm control.  (24 & 32 volt systems use proportionally smaller.)

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I keep my boat in saltwater, do I need to protect the trim tabs from corrosion?

To provide protection from electrolytic corrosion a zinc anode must be applied to each Tab or in the case of Tabs installed on the boat as original equipment by the builder, a bonding system may be utilized for your particular model.

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How do I paint my trim tabs?

The secret to getting anti-fouling paint to adhere to your trim tabs is proper priming, and the best people to tell you what to do are the experts at the company that makes your anti-fouling paint.  We strongly suggest that you contact the paint manufacturer and tell them you are painting "304 stainless steel" trim tabs, then follow their recommendations to the letter!  Remember don't paint under the zincs.

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You offer three types of trim tab controls, which one do I want?

Most dealers sell Bennett Trim Tabs with the Single Lever Control (joystick).  The choice of control really is a personal preference. The Single Lever Control is a very intuitive control and for this reason is an excellent choice for boaters new to using Trim Tabs.  To use it, you simply push the lever in the direction of what you want to happen.  For example if you push the lever forward and to the right, the starboard bow of the boat will lower.  The single lever is best mounted on a relatively horizontal surface (if it is mounted to a vertical surface it is not like using a "joystick" and looses a bit of it's intuitive feel). 

Some boaters prefer the Rocker or Racing Type Controls.   They are a more comfortable choice when mounted on a horizontal surface.  The Rocker Switch gives a positive "click" when you push it, giving good feedback of your input.  The Rocker Switch control is included as standard equipment with Sport Tabs and Tournament Tabs.

The choice of control is up to you. Check with your dealer about the control they offer with the trim tab kit and let them know if you desire a different control than the one in the kit.

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How do I tell the position of my trim tabs?

On smaller boats, it is usually easy to tell where the trim tabs are by visually sighting the horizon. Basically, you "feel" the boats attitude.  However, on larger boats, particularly those with raised helm locations, it is a bit harder to tell where the trim tabs are.  Adding Trimdicators will provide you with accurate, easy to read indication of your trim tab position at all times.  Using Trimdicators also will allow you to easily repeat the settings that are best for your boat. 

Trimdicators are easily installed and make a great addition to any boat with Bennett Trim Tabs. 

Smaller boats, or boats that are trailered or "dry-stored" will benefit from installing an Auto Tab Retractor.  When you turn off the ignition at the end of the day the trim tabs automatically retract to their full up position.  This keeps them out of harms way when the boat is lifted by a fork lift or slides on the trailer.

Larger boats also fit the Auto Tab Retractor, and at the end of the day the trim tabs retract, so that each time they head out, the trim tabs are in the full up position, ready to go!