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Learn the basics of Store Tag syntax, so you can construct your own tags easily and effectively. (Syntax refers to the rules of "grammar" used to build and implement Store Tag code.)

A Store Tag is a unique bit of code that you add to the HTML in your web pages. It helps you build e-commerce into the layout of your web site quickly and efficiently. Store Tags eliminate the need for manual updates when prices or colors or product images change.

Once you set up and "Publish" your Catalog Manager, you can then set up Store Tags within Yahoo! Web Hosting or Yahoo! Store to automatically update item information on your live pages.

Things to Remember

  • The Store Tag syntax is case-sensitive. (Unlike HTML, which is pretty forgiving, in Store Tags you cannot use uppercase and lowercase interchangeably.)
  • Generally, quotation marks are optional. Your syntax will work with or without quotes, unless you are building your web pages using Microsoft FrontPage. Do not use the quotation marks if you are using FrontPage as your HTML authoring tool. We have seen problems with FrontPage's handling of quotation marks in HTML.
  • Keep in mind that you can embed Store Tags in your web page HTML using the editing or authoring tool of your choice (e.g., SiteBuilder, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc.) . However, in order to preview what your item page will look like with built-in Store Tags, after you save your newly created item page, you must publish and upload it to the Yahoo! server to turn on Store Tag functionality.

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