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The Lamp Wizard™ is designed to help you figure out what type of lamps belong in your home tanning bed.   If your tanning bed is used in commercial environment, we instead suggest you call us at 1-800-274-1744 so that we may insure you get lamps that not only fit, but also meet your states requirement for equivalency.

Using the lamp wizard generally takes less than one minute (it's that easy!)

Step 1

You will need to:

1. Write down the brand and model of your tanning bed.
(SunMaster®, SUNQUEST® & SUNVISION® are the most common examples)

Note:  Some beds do not have a label on the front, but will always have a label on the back.  This does not tell us the brand, but the actual manufacturer.  This will do just fine for this wizard.


2. Look at the ends one of the lamps.
(It must be removed temporarily to look at it.   This is not the preferred way.)

When you are ready to proceed, click here.


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