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Step 2
Choose one of these methods:

Method 1 - Visual Inspection
(NOT preferred)

I have removed one of my lamps and it looks like:

bipin.jpg (6898 bytes)
BI-PIN - Twists into place.

Click on the
image that
resembles the
lamps in your
tanning bed.

rdc.jpg (7149 bytes)
RDC - Springs into place.

Method 2 - By brand name

Click on your tanning beds brand/model below
Choose "Other" if your system is not listed.

SunMaster 16, 18 or 24 SunMaster 32 (pre-2002) SunMaster 32 (2002 +)
SunMaster Signature Series SUNQUEST® SUNVISION®
SUNSTAR® STARPOWER® Montego Bay Celebrity (all)
Montego Bay "Classic" (all) Montego Bay MB16 & MB24 ESB
Beauty Pro Wolff® SunDash SonnenBraune
Virtual Sun® Alpha Sun Sunal
Guardasun Suntana Sunsplash
Allisun Dr. Kern Private Sun
Tan America SCA Wolff®


Puretan Tanfit

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