Did you order a Custom Made Item? 
Please read this before submitting a "Order Status Request"

Condition of Sale for ALL Custom Made Items: 

  1. ALL Custom made items ship direct from the factory to you. Usual delivery times vary from 7 to 21 business days.

  2. ALL Non Stock Custom Made items may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.


When you submit an order for ANY custom made item, your order is processed within one business day.  This means your order was transmitted to the factory.

Once your custom item has been ordered:

As published above, it can take from 7 to 21 Business Days for delivery to your door.  Unfortunately, we are usually not updated by the manufacturers for all of our orders.  We can only confirm that the order was submitted and confirm delivery of the Custom order when we are notified by the factory.  The same day that we are notified of shipment for ANY custom order, it is immediately updated on your order status and sent an automatic email message to the email address you supplied with your original order with full UPS tracking.

So if you desire an update before UPS tracking is sent to you, all we can do is confirm your order was transmitted to the factory and that we are awaiting shipment confirmation.

You can also understand from this system, why cancellation of  any custom order is difficult.  Unless it can be stopped before being electronically processed, the customer owns it.  Of course if an extended period of time elapses with no information, contact us by all means.  But if only a week or so has passed since submission of a custom order, you are not going to get much information.  Not because we don't care, but because the system doesn't allow for it. 

We hope this helps while you are awaiting delivery.


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