from G. Edward Griffin

Time is running out
to disconnect your savings from the dollar!               

Nothing is more irritating to me than commercials on TV and the Internet promoting books, videos, and workshops on how to make a fortune on the downfall of America.

You know the genre: They start off with a review of how bad things are and then paint a picture of doom and gloom for the future. This is followed by an offer to sign up for an informational program on how to avoid being wiped out in the coming crisis, and even how to prosper, while others are losing their shirts.

To be perfectly honest, I think that what they say about the economy is pretty accurate. The investment advice often is sound, as well so you may wonder why I am negative about these programs.

It's not that I have anything against smart investors who prosper when most others are losing their nest eggs. In fact, two years ago I created a seminar of my own that includes exactly that kind of information. It was called A Crash Course on Money, and I feel it was one of the most important works I have done.

My complaint with other programs of this nature is that they focus entirely on how to make money in times of crisis with no consideration of how to correct the problems that caused the crisis or how to restore the system of liberty and free enterprise that was the cornerstone of American prosperity. It's all about money nothing more.

It is true that money is a powerful motivator, and it also is true that freedom is impossible without financial independence. Nevertheless, I am mindful that, if the political system is allowed to evolve into totalitarianism, which is where it now is headed, freedom and financial independence will be impossible no matter how much money you have.

In fact, in times of extreme social upheaval such as the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and the Red Revolutions in China and Cuba those with the most money often were targeted by envy-driven mobs who were told by their leaders that wealthy people caused the nation's misery because they were greedy hoarders.

That's why I am not a fan of investment advisories that focus only on the money side of the equation while ignoring the social and political side. Not only is their advice doomed to failure in the long run (which makes it bad advice) but because it fails to help mobilize a movement of investors who might be able to restore the system of liberty so we actually could enjoy the wealth we create. In other words, they ignore our only hope of winning this battle.

The reason I am expressing my thoughts on this is that I have had the privilege to provide input for a new, powerful investment-advisory program that, not only offers some of the best, if not the best, financial advice for prospering in a crumbling economy, but also includes a plan for restoring the political and monetary system to new highs of liberty and prosperity. Several of my own presentations are included. This program is offered by the Success Council, and I urge you to visit their web site here.

At the present time they are conducting some totally free and very limited live online training sessions. They will walk you through....

        1. The incredible financial opportunity that exists for a few more years.
        2. Exactly what to do to position yourself for this windfall, and
        3. How to protect it from being taken by politicians.

During this training they even show portions of one of my most candid interviews including predictions of what I think will happen in the next few years.

What makes this program truly different and the reason I am happy to tell you about it is that it doesn't stop with financial advice. By the way, it has plenty of that, and it is top notch. Its presentation of the pros and cons of the various asset classes is excellent. It is the most realistic analysis of that topic I have seen. However, what really makes this a winner is that it is the only program of its kind that has a plan for restoring the system to health.

Yes, you can prosper in the dark days ahead while most of your friends will lose what wealth they have and be crushed by rising prices. The only difference between the winners and losers is that the winners are willing to face the ugly reality and take action, while the losers will remain in denial, keep their savings tied to the Dollar, and hope that the government will look out for their best interest.

Visit the Success Council here.

G. Edward Griffin               

P.S. They can only fit 200 people into each live training, and the number of sessions is limited.
Secure your spot now.

I have already purchased an annual membership with the Success Council. And yes, it far and away exceeds the rest of the programs that are currently circulating. The fact that it addresses how to actually fix this financial mess we're in separates it from the rest of the pack.
Richard Kadamian