Schultz Communications, Inc

Surplus and Repaired items

What is Surplus? Surplus products are typically supplies left-over from jobs that have never been used, many are still in the original factory packaging, but will no longer carry the manufacturers warranty. They require no refurbishment or repair and are inspected by us to be complete only. They are sold with a guarantee that you will approve of them upon receipt but will not carry our warranty. This will allow you to return them to us for credit if you do not like they way the look when you receive them. Only the manufacturers warranty would apply if you elect to use them.

Examples of surplus are; MS2 Modules, Fuses, tie wraps, etc.

What Are Repaired Products? Repaired items are products that have been through our repair lab. These items all carry our warranty and guarantee upon receipt.

Examples of repaired products are; MS2 1 head splicing tool, Dynatel 745, Dynatel 573A, TS-22 Butt Set, repaired lashers, etc.