Frequently Asked Questions for Competitors

Please take a look at these along with the information, rules, directions on first. After reviewing this material if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me to answer your questions.

HOW DO I ENTER THE EVENT? Simply print the printable application and send the appropriate fees by regular US Mail or pay via PayPal using the “friends and family option” and scan application to Do not ever send the application with a signature requested. If you really feel that receipt proof is necessary send it Certified Mail, but make sure to check the box "No Signature Required".

WILL I RECEIVE A RECEIPT THAT MY APPLICATION WAS RECEIVED? On your application, we asked for your email address. If you print this clearly and legibly, then we will respond to what we see. If not, it will go off into the internet ether. If you do not get an acknowledgment within a week (allow the mail to get here), then email or call us.

OCB CARD - The OCB CARD is good for one year from the day it was purchased. The 2019 cost of the amateur card is $75 and must be possessed to compete in any OCB event, in any class (1 per athlete). The OCB card needs to be purchased at least 1 week prior to the day of your event via Proof of membership must be shown during Check-In.

PRO CARD ELIGIBILITY - The OCB PRO CARD is eligible to any athlete who has qualified for a pro card from an OCB show. The cost of the 2019 card is $125. Eligibility is good for 1 year (same as amateur card). Apply for your card through the website at: Please do not show up for the Pro Show without your card or confirmation that it was purchased (or you will have to buy one that day).

POLYGRAPH FORM - Every OCB Promoter is required to test ALL competitors appearing on stage. The successful POLYGRAPH FORM is YOUR property (not the promoters - they all know this) and is to be returned to you immediately after the test, since this is good for all shows occurring within 6 weeks of the test, and is your only proof that you took the test. You will need to show it to the next promoter. If you take your test at Mt Rogers, we maintain proof in our databases for your next OCB Show (but keep your form - the polygrapher will give it to you).

CROSSOVERS FROM NOVICE TO OPEN TO MASTERS BODYBUILDING CLASS - As of 1/1/2014 we are allowing Crossovers from Novice to Open to Masters Bodybuilding.

CROSSOVERS FROM NOVICE TO OPEN TO MASTERS FIGURE CLASS - same as for the bodybuilding classes.


Effective 1/1/2019 - Crossovers are only permitted from Novice to Open to Masters in the same category.

EFFECTIVE 1/1/19 THE MT ROGERS IS A LIVE JUDGED SHOW - In this show, Prejudging and the Finals all occur in the same show. Typically, quarter turns and compulsory poses, or presentations for Figure, Bikini and Mens Physique occur, and then the MC introduces the individual competitors prior to their artistic posing routines to their music, and the presentations of the Figure, Bikini and Mens Physique competitors to house music. Trophies and over-all are presented following intermission. The entire event is usually over by 5PM. It doesn't get better for the competitor.

DO I NEED TO CHECK-IN ON EVENT DAY, I SENT MY REGISTRATION FORM? ALL competitors must Check-In on event day during the Check-In period (your appearance for your polygraph appointment has nothing to do with this). Since we make the actual competition roster during this period (weights, heights, age, etc are taken - there are a great deal of logistics that go into presenting a show with a large number of competitors), if you are not there for Check-In, you will not be permitted to compete (NO exceptions!). So get there early, to account for potential traffic issues. We cannot delay the entire show and inconvenience all others, because one competitor could not be where they were supposed to be in a timely fashion. So plan to get there early enough to permit unforeseen delays. (We'll feel bad if you miss the show, and you'll feel worse.) Remember that there are NO refunds of entry fees.

More FAQs to be added, if it is felt that they will be beneficial to most competitors. I hope that this was helpful.

All the best,

Pam & Sarah Spindel

OCB Promoters

Tel: (703) 405-3036 - Pam's direct line OR for Sarah cell: 703-463-0516