OCB Bikini Events

Effective January 1, 2019

All Bikini contestants must possess a current OCB card, which is good for one year and should be purchased through the OCB at https://ocbonline.com/membership-home.php a week prior to the event. All contestants must take and pass the event polygraph drug test, or present the OCB Polygraph Form from an OCB event that occurred within 6 weeks of the current event. Bikini competitors will now pose to house music that will be chosen solely at the discretion of the promoter to be played during their presentation (see below)

Bikini Standards

The judging standards for the Bikini Competition will be based upon the following:

* A general athleticism to the body (a fit feminine proportion)

* The contestant should show good balance proportion and symmetry to her physique.

* In general, the physique should show conditioning and proportion, but not be overly muscular, lean or striated.

* From the side, the legs should be shapely with a minimum of separation of the quads. The calves should be well developed, and semi-flexed from the use of heels.

* From the back, the glutes and hamstrings should be firm. Calves should be firm and nicely developed.

* Presentation and color tone will be considered.

* Transitions from each quarter turn should be fluid without hesitation and demonstrate practiced poise.

Bikini Poses

The posing rules for the Bikini Competition will be as follows:

* Front Pose: with their left hand on their hip (left hip slightly raised, feet slightly apart), right arm somewhat straight. Then, after they have performed that, repeat the presentation with the right hand on their hip (right hip slightly raised, feet slightly apart), left arm somewhat straight.

* Back Pose: This is the same as Front Pose, but a turn of the upper torso is permitted

In the case that two or three competitors look very close, a side pose will be reviewed. For this again, legs must be together, arms to the side with head forward.

Competition Rounds and Rules

The contestants will be partitioned into classes based upon height. The number of classes will be declared on the event application.

If contest application indicates "will be split into 2 or 3 classes", or if the class is too large (as determined by the promoter by the late application date) then the height classes may be split, as directed by the event promoter, into 2 (or 3) approximately roughly even classes.

Attire: Competitors are required to wear two piece suits and heels in ALL event rounds. No thongs will be permitted. No oil may be used. Sheen is permissible. Jewelry may be worn.

Group Comparisons - Two Piece Suit

Contestants will walk out to center stage, one at a time, and will perform their individual front and rear presentations, and then proceed to the rear of the stage per directions from the Expeditor. Once all of the competitors in that class have performed their individual quarter turns they will be assembled in a line and perform group quarter turns at the direction of the Head Judge.

Individual Routines - Two Piece Suit

Immediately following Group Comparisons, contestants will be individually introduced by the MC to perform their presentation to house music selected by the promoter (no exceptions - this will protect the audience from being subjected to 8 versions of "This Girl Is On Fire", etc.). The presentation format will be one of the following, depending on the size of the event, at the promoter's discretion. The presentation form will be announced at the pre-show morning competitors meeting. Therefore, please be prepared for both! All competitors will be introduced by the MC, and then will perform the required presentation that was designated at the competitors meeting (listed below):

1) Format 1: "T-Walk" - Competitors will walk to the center of the stage and then walk to the right of the stage for their presentation and then walk back across to the left side of the stage for the presentation. Following this, they will finish their walk, back at center stage. They will then exit the stage.

2) Format 2: "Straight line walk" (as in the Ms. Universe pageant swimsuit presentation - you can probably see this on youtube.com) - Competitors will walk to the center rear of the stage, and then walk directly to the front of the center of the stage. They will then turn to the rear and walk back to the "X" mark on the stage where they will turn to face the audience and then proceed to perform their artistic quarter turns as described above in the "Bikini Poses" section. Following this they will then exit the stage.

In the awards round the top five will be selected, and introduced to the audience by the MC. Following this, placings will be announced and trophies will be presented.

At the end of the awards round, if more than one class, class winners will be brought out for comparisons by the judging panel to select overall winner.

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