Reviews for SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

"I LOVE the snugglesafe!! I bought 2 of them for my dogs, heat 5min 15sec (different microwaves vary) and they are warm all nite long. My little chihuahua gets under her flannel fuzzy quilt with hers and sleeps the night away. She gets a bit defensive if you try to take it away from her. Every night she follows me to the microwave to heat "her heating pad". She knows exactly what to do with it and whines if I am late to warm it up when she is ready to go to bed. My other dachsy mix dog loves hers, but is too sophisticated to let on that she is getting old enuff to need it. I am going to order 2 more.. so hubby and I can have "bed warmers". I might even order another for my 5mo. old granddaughter to have near her in the crib. I would not recommend laying directly on it when it's first heated, it's mighty warm. Now, why didn't I know about these YEARS ago?? Thanks snugglesafe! THEY ARE AWESOME!"

Cherly P.


"My pet sitter told me about this cool little disc. It looks like a frisbee. After you heat it in your microwave for 6 minutes, it emits heat of 120 degrees Farenheit for 12 hours. I use it to keep a homeless kitty that has adopted me warm at night. I just heat the disc, stick it in a box under some blankets on my porch, and the kitty is ecstatic. He sits on it like it's an egg, purring. It's safe and very effective on cold winter nights. This is a really great gift for anyone who loves cats."

Elisabeth K.


" Not just for pets, but for people too! I heat my snuggle safe for 8 minutes and it stays hot a long time as long as it is covered by a blanket, etc. If it sits on a metal surface, it loses the heat faster, of course. I bring one to work because I work in a chilly warehouse. I also keep one under my blankets at night if I am chilled."

R. Blackmore