Program for Dogs & Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use ProgramŽ on a pregnant dog or cat?
A. ProgramŽ is safe for pregnant dogs and cats. It is also safe for lactating animals.

Q. I have several pets. Do I need to treat them all?
A. Yes. It is important that all pets in the household, both cats and dogs should be given the appropriate type and dose of ProgramŽ according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Q. Does it kill ticks?
A. Program does not kill ticks.

Q. Can I use this with Bio Spot, or a flea collar? A. ProgramŽ may be used with other flea medications. Whenever using more than one flea product, our veterinarians recommend only using one topical and one oral medication at a time. Some flea collars can be used with different products and some cannot. Whenever you use a flea collar, please read the label to find out if it's compatible with the products you are using.

Q. What is the advantage to using a pill over a topical flea product? A. There is no benefit between using a topical or oral flea preventative. It's a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that some topical products may be better for pets with flea allergy dermatitis, since they will kill the flea before it has a chance to bite.