Feliway Is Easy To Use

1. For Urine Marking: Apply a single spray of Feliway
once per day wherever the cat has marked for single-cat
households and a single spray tiwce per day for multi-cat

For Scratching: Apply six sprays of Feliway once
per day to all surfaces marked by the cat.

2. Also spray on prominent objects such as furniture, doors,
potted plants and corners of the rooms, once a day.

3. Continue use for 30 days to ensure no relapse in marking
behavior. If the cat has been marking for a longer period of
time, use Feliway for 45 days or longer.

Feliway creates a calming effect on cats in
stressful environments such as:

  • New Home
  • During Transport
  • Hospitalization
  • Boarding
  • Introducing a New Pet
  • New Furniture
  • Unfamiliar People
  • Presence of Other Animals

    Feliway can control unwanted feline behavior in all
    of the above situation.