Frequently Asked Questions


Will a person, cat or other animal be affected by a D.A.P. Collar worn on a dog?

No, the Dog Appeasing Pheromone is species specific and has no effect on any other species besides dogs.

Can the D.A.P. Collar be hung in a car, house or left in a kennel?

No, close contact with the dog as well as body temperature is required to activate the collar.

Can the D.A.P. Collar be cut to fit?

Yes, cutting the collar does not reduce the efficacy.

What happens if a dog eats or chews on a D.A.P. Collar?

The collar is made of plastics, so there could be a foreign body reaction. There are no toxic substances in the collar.

What are the warnings for people handling the D.A.P. Collar?

The collar is not a toy so it should be kept out of reach of children. Contact with the collar while on the dog should not be a problem.

Can the D.A.P. Collar get wet?

If the collar gets wet, it should be taken off, wiped dry in order to maintain continual release of pheromone. It can then be replaced on the dog with no loss of efficacy.

Can the dog be bathed or swim while wearing the D.A.P. Collar?

It is not recommended to bathe a dog or let the dog swim while wearing the collar.

Will the D.A.P. Collar stain white-coated dogs?

The collar will not stain the coat of white dogs under dry or wet conditions.

What happens if the D.A.P. Collar is exposed to heat in the environment?

There will be some evaporation of the pheromone if it is taken out of the package and warmed, so the duration of activity may be shortened.

What is the dating on the D.A.P. Collar?

The collar has a shelf life of three years, if it is stored in its original packaging in a dry place.

How is the Dog Appeasing Pheromone added to the D.A.P. Collar?

The pheromone is added to the inert ingredients used in the manufacturing of the collar in a liquid form, then heated and dried to give the collar its final shape. This process is similar to collars that are infused with other ingredients.