Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can a few drops of Advantage protect my pet from fleas?

A. Once Advantage is applied to your pet, it spreads on the surface
of the skin at the hair root level, aided by body movement, to provide
whole body coverage. The revolutionary chemistry causes the flea's
nervous system to become impaired, and the flea dies.

Q. What if I still see fleas after using Advantage?

A. Reinfesting fleas, which likely come from the pet's environment
or outdoors, will be killed within two hours, with protection against
further flea infestation lasting up to a month.

Q. If my pet goes swimming, or gets caught in the rain,
will AdvantageŽ remain effective?

A. Advantage is water-resistant. It continues to work even when
your pet gets wet. Advantage works against fleas even after a
shampooing, swimming or exposure to rain or sunlight. This is especially
important for animals with skin conditions that require bathing and dogs
that swim frequently. More importantly, the studies also show repeated
treatments are not required because Advantage continues to work even
when your pet gets wet.

Q. Can I give my pet a bath every week?

A. AdvantageŽ will continue to work if you bathe your animal
on a regular basis. If your pet requires frequent bathing, reapplication
may be required more than once monthly.

Q. Should my pet be clean before I apply Advantage?

A. It is not necessary, but to obtain best results, it is recommended
your pet be clean of excess dirt and debris, and be dry before applying