”I am a self-taught manager who has learned everything I know ‘on the job.’ I did not attend business school, so I had to learn by observing the management techniques of those I worked for early in my career – taking note of what worked and what didn’t work. As I climbed into positions of greater responsibility, I made sure to avoid those techniques that produced negative results, and I learned further lessons through trial and error. To this day, I’m still learning by applying techniques, monitoring their effects, and adjusting them to achieve the best results.

In addition to continuing to learn on the job, I do as much ‘self-training’ as possible in my free time. I read books dedicated to the subjects of organization building, management, marketing, sales, and public relations. Of all the books I have read, the most helpful by far has been the Management Series Volume #3 by L. Ron Hubbard.

I know this sounds hard to believe, but after using some of these techniques myself, I’m here to tell you that they work. If you really take the time to apply these techniques properly and resist the temptation to take shortcuts, you will achieve your objectives almost every single time. I can honestly say that I no longer do anything in the areas of public relations and marketing/sales without referring to Volume # 3 first. It’s now my most valuable management reference book and I use the checklist it contains to guide my actions as a manager in these areas – every time.

As a result of using these techniques, my confidence as a manager has increased dramatically. Even though I didn’t attend business school, I now feel equipped to tackle greater management challenges, for I believe that success is within reach no matter how daunting the task may seem. It has become such an effective management tool; I’m now in the process of purchasing and studying the other management series volumes as well. I want the same lever of confidence that I have gained in the areas covered by volume # 3 as those covered by the other volumes, for I firmly believe that mastering the techniques in the entire series will increase my productivity to the point that I’ll be able to achieve greater balance between work and leisure in my life.” G. M., Former Chief of Staff to a member of Congress