This item requires truck delivery. The type of truck

delivery will be shown in the description and is

explained below. Select method Standard Shipping

at checkout. There is no additional cost for truck

delivery beyond the amount that appears at

checkout except as outlined below.


End of Truck Delivery-

In general, 1 driver delivers your item to the end of the

truck only. Driver is allowed to request your help to

remove the item from the truck. If you or your agent

cannot help the driver, you will be asked to pay for

either a second driver or a special lift truck.


Curbside Delivery-

Driver removes the item from the truck and leaves at

your curb.


Inside Delivery-

Driver removes the item from the truck and delivers inside

the door of your home or office.


If you require a level of service other than what is shown

in the item description, please advise us in the comments

box on your order form, or contact customer service,  and

we will provide you with a quote.


Please inspect your delivery by truck carefully before

signing for it. We can not accept responsibility for

damage unless it is noted on the delivery receipt.


Special situation truck deliveries are subject to

additional cost. These include waiting time and/or

storage if you are unavailable to accept delivery when

the truck arrives, redelivery, additional instructions that

you provide the trucking company, situations where a

truck delivery may pose difficulty, and limited access

sites and facilities.  More information about additional

cost deliveries is on our customer service page (see

link at top of all product pages to customer service).