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To place your order please fill out, print, and mail this form to us with your full payment enclosed. You may submit this form by mail or fax if paying by credit card. We typically process fax orders within 1 business day of submission and mail orders within 1-2 weeks of mailing (longer for non-U.S. orders). These processing times include only time required to receive and enter your order; time to verify/clear payment, ship (availability), and deliver (transit) your order are not included.

Be sure that you clearly understand our policies by carefully reading our Info page prior to submitting your order. Our policies detail how your order will be processed and specify restrictions on payment/shipping methods, shipping/billing locations, item availability, and more. We will not process orders that do not abide by our policies. A processing fee equal to check refund fee (as specified on our Info page) may be charged to return payments via postal mail. If you do not enter a valid e-mail address we will not be able to provide order status or contact you if issues arise.

For fastest, most reliable order processing we recommend ordering using our secure online shopping cart if at all possible (our shopping cart accepts checks/money orders). If you have any questions please contact us at

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